capability building with corporate customer care centre

a local borough council


the challenge


This London Borough brought qedis in co-ordinate three distinct strands of a key project. It aimed to integrate front and back office operations for Revenues and Benefits Services , deliver additional capacity to the contact centre, improve the percentage of calls answered (PCA) targets, smooth out service peaks, develop customer self serve options and effectively allocate calls to available skill sets within the contact centre. Ultimately this would help to meet the requirements of NI14 (avoidable contact). A key consideration within the project were the limitations of the existing telephony system and its capacity to be efficiently developed and member scepticism around the introduction of IVR technology.


the approach


qedis led on the delivery of all three strands of the project and effectively managed the relationship between the front and back office services along with key personnel in ICT and telephony. All key milestones for delivery were met, specifically the Revenues and Benefits system being operational for main council tax billing.


the results


- The selection, procurement and implementation of enhanced IVR technology within the contact centre, ensuring compliance to members wishes


- The implementation of a dedicated Revenues and Benefits self-serve telephony system including


- Development and testing of all scripts to clearly guide the customer through the system


- Led the business process redesign workstream to ensure back office functions were fully integrated with the self serve concepts


- Managed the configuration of telephony protocols to deliver high quality customer outcomes and maintain customer confidence


- Managed the implementation of a simplified version of the back office transactional system (Academy) to enable contact centre staff to effectively complete specific Revenues and Benefits transactions and co-ordinating all required training to support implementation


- Senior Management and member buy-in was effectively maintained throughout the project through regular briefings and updates


- The project has been hugely successful in managing calls and has proved particularly useful in managing high volume low complexity revenue calls. This has also seen a substantial increase in the number of callers resolving their query through self service which has also seen an increase in payments made out of hours to the automated payment line